Fashion shows have a significant impact on shaping trends and setting the tone for upcoming seasons. They provide a glimpse into the future of fashion, and attract media attention, enabling opportunities for models to showcase visually appealing manners. These events create networking opportunities, fostering collaborations, partnerships, and business relationships within the fashion industry.

Fashion Forge

In 2022, we hosted the glamorous “Fashion Forge in Rome” event at Nu Boyana Film Studios with the legendary 50 CENT, where the renowned music and fashion industry united. Thirty international designers showcased their amazing collections on the catwalk. The stage was graced with an electrifying fusion accompanied by glamorous music and style. This collaboration was an unforgettable experience for everyone, from crew to viewers.

Runway REels - Fashion on film

In 2023, as part of our participation in the new reality show “Runway Reels – Fashion on Film,” our models and participants of the show had an opportunity to showcase their talents and skills on the runway with the incredible Michele Morrone and Netta.

Michele Morrone, the charismatic Italian actor and singer known for his remarkable talent and charm, has been making waves in the entertainment industry with his captivating performances.

Netta, the Israeli singer-songwriter and winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, leaves her audiences mesmerized with her powerful vocals and unique style. Netta’s music transcends boundaries and has earned her critical acclaim from all corners of the globe.

These two influential artists, Drag Queens, the Princess of Cambodia, and others created the unique atmosphere that reigned on the stage while models demonstrated collections of 14 of the greatest designers throughout the world. Designers have been hard at work, creating stunning collections that are sure to captivate and inspire fashion enthusiasts. Models, with their poise and grace, were the stars of the show, bringing designers’ vision to life and showing the hearts and souls of the collections.

The fashion show was a spectacle of color, texture, and creativity, leaving the audience mesmerized by the sheer artistry on display. Stay relevant and drive this industry’s growth with us!